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The power of integrated HR & Payroll in under 2 minutes

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Manage your employees

Bring simplicity to your employee lifecycle and accurately manage all aspects of your employee’s HR needs from the day they join to the day they leave.

Manage your employees

EPI-USE People Central is a global system of record that uses workflow to link employees, managers and your HR admin team seamlessly.

HR processes are supported by a single user interface which is used by employees, managers and your HR team. Standard employee events include:

  • Hire
  • Re-hire
  • Transfer
  • Promotion
  • Job changes
  • Salary changes
  • Bonuses
  • Leave and Absences
  • Timesheet
  • Termination

All of the above events are effective-date driven automatically reflected in payroll and auditable.

Organisation management

Build your organisation structure, teams, job type, required skills and associated costs. Expose employee data via org charting to employees and managers.

Organisation management

By creating your structure in EPI-USE People Central you will be able to:

  • View the people and their relationships in the organisation chart
  • Add Matrix managers (aka ”dotted line” managers) and display them in a simple-to-understood diagram
  • Launch HR processes directly from the organisation chart to speed up self-service and administration activities
  • Manage your teams and departments, the positions within them and their associated cost centres
  • Track your vacancies easily via “empty” positions provides a simple way to start recruitment processes

Employee Self-Service

Self-service including Mobile access that allows employees to view and amend their own data and start their own HR processes such as leave requests, all of which drive better engagement.

Employee Self-Service

Easy to use self-service allows employees to update their own personal data such as:

  • Name
  • Addresses
  • Dependents
  • Emergency contacts
  • Marital status
  • Bank information

They can also view:

  • their leave balances
  • the organisation chart
  • and very importantly, their payslip

Employees can initiate processes, such as requesting leave or other absences and enter timesheets.

When it comes to training employees, we include in-application training and context-sensitive help via WalkMe which reduces your training and change management overhead.

Managers Self-Service

Managers can access employee information via an intuitive “wizard-like” user interface enabling them to initiate and execute any kind of change for anyone on their team—promotion, termination, bonus, salary change, etc. All manager self-service functionality is available online and on mobile.

Managers Self-Service

Self-service for managers enables them to be more efficient in the HR processes they need to do as part of their job.

  • Start HR processes for employees
  • Approve workflow requests
  • Delegate tasks and approvals to other members of staff
  • Initiate and automatically receive reports

We include in-application training and context-sensitive help via WalkMe to guide managers through the most common processes, so current and future managers get the help they need to manage their teams.

Pay people accurately with less effort

World-class Payroll for the UK that is integrated with HR means no duplication of data, more automation, and sophisticated payroll calculations. Payroll will require less effort to run and produce more accurate results.

Pay people accurately with less effort

EPI-USE People Pay is built on the powerful SAP Payroll platform.

It easily handles changes such as mid-month starters/leavers or back dated changes automatically so you don’t have to get out your calculator to work it out manually! All HR transactions are effective-dated and this is automatically replicated in the payroll system for greater accuracy.

You can view your payroll(s) visually to make progress tracking much simpler. EPI-USE People Pay is also fully supported for day-to-day issues, legal and compliance updates and your year-end processing too. This support is included in the subscription costs which means your payroll team can focus on paying people and not worry about the technology.

EPI-USE People Pay includes the following:

  • Payroll – Gross to Net calculation
  • Cost Distribution
  • Retro Calculation for backdated changes
  • Pro-ration
  • Arrears handling
  • Post-payroll processing
  • Postings to Finance General Ledger
  • Online Payslip (in EPI-USE People Central)
  • Payment Files e.g. BACS
  • Statutory Reporting
  • Full integration with HMRC
  • Pensions Auto Enrolment
  • Pension provider file output
  • Payroll results reporting


Use powerful tools to report accurately on real time employee data stored in your single HR and Payroll system of record. Say goodbye to locally held spreadsheets and data protection issues!


Using EPI-USE People Central you can create and share reports that use HR data from a single source. Use the included standard reports or ad-hoc reporting which allows you to build a report that meets a specific requirement.

Outside of HR, managers can also be setup with standard reports and flexible reporting to enable them to view their team data which reduces the overhead on HR administrators.

EPI-USE People Pay contains standard Payroll Reporting functionality and flexible “ad-hoc” reports.

Example standard reports include:

  • Employment
  • Compensation
  • Payroll analysis and cost reports
  • Personal Information
  • Position Management
  • Time management
  • Workflow information

Simple Administration functionality and Support

Your HR, Payroll and IT staff all benefit from easy to use administration and support from EPI-USE, which is included in your subscription.

Simple Administration functionality and Support

EPI-USE People Central is designed to be easy to keep updated and change.

HR administrators with the right permissions can make configuration changes to update workflows and other items, giving you more control over your system. We will advise you about the latest releases and system changes and you will retain the responsibility to test and then signoff any changes.

Payroll managers can focus on ensuring payroll runs smoothly each month, secure in the knowledge that using a world class payroll system supported by EPI-USE; they don’t need to worry about legal compliance. EPI-USE is on hand to answer queries and provide system advice, and we will do all legal and compliance updates for you. Your payroll team get the peace of mind of some light testing to approve all changes before they are applied to the live system, to minimise the risk to payroll.

Cloud technology means you simply need an up-to-date browser (with no special plugins) for your employees to access the system, and single sign on to match your user account is possible, for additional security and simplicity.

We support the system as part of the service.

SuccessFactors Talent Management

Once you have Core HR and Payroll running successfully, you can expand your HR system to suit your business priorities with SuccessFactors Talent Management modules.

SuccessFactors Talent Management

EPI-USE People Central and EPI-USE People Pay is our core HR and Payroll solution powered by SAP SuccessFactors which means you can take advantage of the wider suite of ‘talent management’ modules. These modules can be part of a full HR roadmap, or can be added individually to suit your requirements and priorities.

The wider suite contains:

  • Performance and Goal Management - ditch the paper based reviews and align your workforce objectives
  • Recruitment Management -think Applicant Tracking
  • Recruitment Marketing - attract candidates to your brand
  • Recruitment Posting - instant job board postings
  • Learning Management - including compulsory training and eLearning
  • Onboarding - make new employees productive more quickly with a great first impression of their new employer
  • Compensation and Variable Pay - formalise the comp process and stop sensitive salary information being emailed in spreadsheets
  • Succession and Career Development - visible career planning
  • Workforce Analytics - detailed cross modular KPI reporting and state of the art visual analytics
  • Strategic Workforce Planning - make sure your long term future employees will be there when you need them and avoid skills shortages


Security is at several layers covering physical, connectivity to the data centre and within the application itself.


SAP provides the physical security at their datacentres and at entry points into the data centre for user connectivity. Within the application security is handled by role based permissions.

  • Hosted in a European Data Centre
  • Data Privacy and Security
  • Secure technology layer and protocols
  • Role based permissions ensure only the right people have access to people data.
  • Full Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery


The benefits of EPI-USE People Central and EPI-USE People Pay can be seen as multi-layered. They relate to SAP SuccessFactors technology, it’s ecosystem and EPI-USE.


SAP SuccessFactors technology benefits

  • 1,600 development engineers enhancing Core HR
  • Over 11 million users of the Core HR system ensures viability of the product going forward
  • Scalable from tens of users, to tens of thousands

SAP SuccessFactors ecosystem benefits

  • Independent SAP User Groups
  • Online user community for knowledge share and roadmap development
  • Annual SuccessConnect conference

Benefits of EPI-USE as a partner

  • 1,300 employees dedicated to SAP SuccessFactors technology with a 30 year track record
  • Dedicated support services based in the UK
  • Development and Enhancements of EPI-USE People Central and EPI-USE People Pay controlled from the UK
  • Current UK clients using SAP SuccessFactors which we have implemented range from 70 employees to over 40,000

How much does it cost?

People Central and People Pay is priced at a single cost per employee, per month over 3 years to keep things very simple.

Your subscription includes:

  • Implementation of EPI-USE People Central and EPI-USE People Pay
  • Support for HR, Payroll and IT queries and related issues
  • Legal and Compliance updates for EPI-USE People Central and EPI-USE People Pay
  • Quarterly releases for functional updates in EPI-USE People Central
  • Advisory service for latest product releases and innovations
  • Year-end assistance for Payroll

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